The 2016-17 season

In the 2016-2017 season the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and its new Chief Conductor Fabio Luisi focus strongly on Gustav Mahler’s symphonies. Music that depicts human emotions and dilemmas so one feels deeply moved.

The brightest glow of the joyous life force and the most consuming longing for death – each is enthroned in turn in my heart – indeed they often alternate by the hour.” So wrote Mahler himself in his youth, and his special mixture of profound fervency and hectic wildness is beautifully expressed in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra’s great, warm orchestral sound.

We can experience the struggle between life and death and between chaos and clarification throughout the season in the temperaments of many composers. Per Nørgård’s Fourth Symphony, Britten’s Violin Concerto, Schumann’s Faust Scenes and Verdi’s famous Requiem. Such different minds – and such wonderful music!

In February we celebrate the bicentenary of the first Danish Romantic composer Niels W. Gade, and this season we look forward to sharing the stage with orchestras as different as Concerto Copenhagen and the New York Philharmonic as well as a suc­cession of exciting guest artists, both famous names and young talents.

We look forwards to welcoming you to the Concert Hall!

Kim Bohr
Director of the DR Choirs and Orchestras