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Contact Choirs and Orchestras

Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Chief Executive and Artistic Director, DR Koncerthuset, Danish National Symphony Orchestra & Choirs and DR P2/P8: Kim Bohr
Contact the Danish National Symphony Orchestra: TAK@dr.dk

DR Big Band

Artistic Director: Birger Carlsen
Contact DR Big Band: BCAR@dr.dk
Orchestral Manager: NICK@dr.dk
Orchestral Producer: SAMA@dr.dk

Danish National Vocal Ensemble og Danish National Concert Choir

Artistic Director: Michael Emery
Contact Danish National Vocal Ensemble and Danish National Concert Choir: PETO@dr.dk

Danish National Girls’ Choir

Artistic Director: Anne Karine Prip
Contact the Danish National Girls’ Choir: AKP@dr.dk

Danish National Choir School

Director: Susanne Wendt
Contact the Danish National Choir School: SUWE@dr.dk

Press and PR

Public Relations Manager: Cecilie Rosenmeier CERO@dr.dk