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Welcome to season 2023-24

Welcome to a new season with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Chief Conductor Fabio Luisi

The heavenly and the cosmic has been a strong source of inspiration for artists and composers throughout the ages.

In this new season with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Chief Conductor Fabio Luisi, we plunge into a series of visionary works that take us on a musical journey to the heavens in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

With immortal works by the great composers and a whole series of exceptional artists on our list of guest performers, we dare promise that the season in DR Koncerthuset will be rich in starry moments. For if there is anything that can send us off on a heavenly inner journey, it is large-scale symphonic music.

We look forward to welcoming you to a new season with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

Try our subscription series

In the six subscriptions series of The Danish National Symphony Orchestra we have combined the season’s concerts in such a way that they give you a new perspective on the music.

We have selected concerts in each series so that in combination they show you many facets of the orchestra and of classical music, while also enabling you to experience a number of exciting guest artists.

Explore the season’s six concert series below and find your favorite!

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Serie T1: Himmelske klange

Længslen og driften mod det himmelske strømmer gennem musikken i denne koncertserie – fra sæsonåbningens kosmiske visioner til symfonier og tonedigte, der rækker ud efter evigheden.

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Serie T2: Mesterlige torsdage

En serie fuld af store mesterværker i de bedste hænder. Fra Mozart til Mahler og fra Beethoven til Brahms – en samling af den klassiske musiks mest udødelige værker er med i denne torsdagsserie.

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Serie T3: Stjernekoncerter

Med denne koncertserie kan du se frem til en række stjernestunder med nogle af den klassiske musikverdens største navne på scenen i DR Koncerthuset.

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Serie F1: Musikalske fortællinger

Fortryllende klanglandskaber folder sig ud i denne fredagsserie, hvor myter, eventyr og drømme er flettet ind i musikken gennem hele sæsonen.

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Serie F2: Klassiske fredage

Med serie F2 kan du se frem til en række fredage
fuld af store klassikere, nye klange og spændende internationale gæstekunstnere i Koncertsalen.

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Serie L: Store symfonier

Syv lørdage med syv store symfonier. Lys dine weekender op gennem hele sæsonen med denne koncertserie, som også er fuld af kendte og elskede solokoncerter.

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Subscription benefits

Same seats for all the concerts

As a subscriber you have the same seat in the concert hall at every single concert, and when you renew your subscription from season to season, the same priority applies to your favourite seats.

Great experiences at a reasonable price

Subscribers get a 20% discount on the chosen subscription series.

10% discount on further tickets

Once the subscription has been purchased, you have a priority on purchases to all the Danish National Symphony Orchestra concerts throughout the season – and even get a 10% discount.

Half price for young people

If you are under 30 years of age, you can get a 50% discount on most concerts featuring the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and on your subscription.

Switch a concert

You can personally decide if you wish to switch a concert ticket from your series to another concert featuring the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. This is free of charge, but must be done at least 14 days prior to the concert. It is unfortunately not possible to switch tickets if the concert you wish to attend is sold out.

Welcome to your new series

Once again this season, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra invites you to an informal series welcome.  We offer you a glass of wine and a  brief introduction to the whole concert series with an opportunity to ask questions (duration approx. 20 mins).

Buy your subscription for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra from Tuesday 21st February  2023, 11.00

Purchase via drsymfoniorkestret.dk/abonnement or phone our customer service centre on +45 35 20 62 62.
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Pick & Mix – put together your own concert season

With Pick & Mix, you can craft your own unique concert season consisting of a minimum of four concerts with 10% discount on the price. You cannot combine the Pick & Mix discount with our other offers. Please be aware that you are not able to subsequently buy tickets to concerts and receive a Pick & Mix discount.

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Buy Pick & Mix

Pick & Mix for the new concert season is available from the 14th of March 2023 at 11.00. 

50% discount if you are under 30 years old

If you are under 30 years of age, you can get a 50% discount on most concerts with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and on your subscription series.

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