Parking and transportation

DR Koncerthuset is located on Ørestads Boulevard 13, Copenhagen S, accompanied by good transportation options. We encourage our guests where possible to use the metro or bus, as the number of parking places is limited. DR has a partnership with Q-Park.

With our parking system, your parking is pre-paid

This means that you purchase a parking ticket for a specific time period from the ticket machine, placing it face-up, so it is visible from the outside through the windscreen of the car. (Please note: it is not possible to prepay your parking in DR Koncerthuset).

If the ticket is not clearly visible to the parking officer or if the time limit is exceeded, guests risk facing a fine. It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure that the ticket is both valid and visible to the parking officer. This is the same system as street parking in the rest of Copenhagen

Prices are as follows:

Up to 1 hour: 20 kr.
Up to 2 hours: 40 kr.
Up to 13 hours: 60 kr.

NB: You can park for free in the designated spaces for up to 15 minutes for collection and drop-off. Remember your parking disk.

It is possible to pay and extend your parking with Q-Park via app and mobile. The area code for DR Koncerthuset parking is 3491. Using the Q-Park (EasyParks) app for payment requires an additional service charge, which is calculated at 15% of the total parking price.

Disabled parking

The parking area contains 9 free disabled parking bays – remember to keep your disabled parking permit clearly visible in the windscreen. If none of these are available, it is of course possible to park your car free of charge in any of the parking spaces designated to DR Koncerthuset.

If you have any questions regarding parking at DR Koncerthuset, please contact DR Koncerthuset Customer Service Centre. See opening hours here

Electric- and plugin in-hybrid cars

There is is limited amount of parking spaces with charging stations. You can charge Your car, while attending a concert in DR Koncethuset. Please note! The maximum time for charging Your car is 4 hours, and You must set Your parking disc.

All parking with electric- or plugin-hybrid cars require payment via the payment terminals on sight.

Metro and bus

There are Metro departures to and from DR Byen Metro station approximately every 5 minutes. The Metro runs 24 hours, every day of the week (the green line M1, towards Vestamager).

Alternatively, the bus lines 33, 35, 77 and 78 all have stops at DR Byen on Amager Fælledvej. From here, it takes only a few minutes to walk to DR Koncerthuset.


Bicycles can be parked under the Metro line. It is not permitted to park your bicycle outside the DR Koncerthuset building, as this may block emergency exits.